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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I had big plans for 2020.

Before we were all forced to stay indoors by a microscopic bug I was all set to go off on a world tour.

It was a plan I’d concocted a year or so earlier following an unexpected hit with my ‘Art Mart’ exhibition at the Jealous Gallery in London’s trendy East End.

The invitation to put on the show had happened by chance but it was such a run-away success that I felt compelled to chuck some petrol on the fire.

I just had to take the show on the road - Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and the rest.

Spurred on by the fact that my art went on to be featured in the Royal Academy and on the BBC, it seemed to be the right course of action.

When I say ‘my art’ I’m using a bit of my newly acquired artistic license.

That’s because, as usual, the ‘Art Mart’ show was a result of me teaming up with my consummately creative COY! collaborators.

Photographer Joe Giacomet, Director and D.O.P. Jonnie Malarkey, Kate Henderson, Andy Dymock, Juan Coello Hollebecq, Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti, Anna Longaretti and my super talented mates at A Large Evil Corporation.

Of course no ‘World tour’ would be complete without a specially designed wardrobe comprising of a range of matching hats and ‘magic’ trousers.

And I had to complicate the process even further (because the Devil made me) by insisting on publishing a book that I could sell alongside the accompanying lectures.

All of that stuff put the potential tour dates back a bit but by the end of 2019 it looked like 2020 would be ‘THE’ year.

I don’t need to tell you that it hasn’t been practical to travel outside of the UK during the last 12 months.

Sadly, I’ve seldom ventured outside of my front door (I can still be tempted out with a commercial script btw).

Still, ever hopeful, we all may be let out in the not too distant future and normal service can be resumed.

In the meantime, here’s a little reminder of the pursuits that led up to my ‘Art Mart’ show, captured in a smashing little film by my good friend Jonnie Malarkey.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

Your artistic pal,



Creative Director/Executive Producer - Mark Denton Esq.

Director - Jonnie 'Malarky' Malachi

Producer - Juan Coello Hollebecq

Photographer - Joe Giacomet

Stills Assistant - Oliver Clyde

Animation & Character Design by A Large Evil Corporation

Set Design by Joy of Sets (a.k.a. Jess Linares, Alex Grant-Said )

Wardrobe by Handsome Folk (aka. Craig & Spencer) / Emily Wilson / Sabina Piccini

Make-up Artist - Saskia Laroque Rothstein Longaretti

Hair by Anna Longaretti

2nd Unit Cameraman - Lee Thomas

Camera Assistant - Åsmund Berge Jenssen

Sound Recordist - Pablo Valverde

Edited by Matthew Prickett

Post Production by UNIT

Executive Producer at UNIT - Ian Luxford

Producer at UNIT - Tania De Sousa

Design & Typography - Mark Denton Esq. / Andy Dymock / Tivy Davies / Kate Henderson


Kate Henderson a.k.a. The Girl from the Mystic East (Croydon)

Dario Illari - Founder and Boss of the Jealous Gallery

Mike Meyer - Lettering Artist (Legend).

Also featuring signs by Paul Myerscough

Susanne Brown as Heidi

Roving Reporters - Harriet Braine & Saskia Laroque Rothstein Longaretti

Casting by Dara Lorentzson

Alan Ford as the Voice of COY!


Kevin Mallett, Louise Fitzjohn, Guy Thomson, Seth Watkins , Dave Buonaguidi, Ellie Botwood, Toby Abbott, Magie McDermott, Sarah Williams, Debbie Carmichael, Louise Constad, Simon Tomlin, Sam Roberts, Sara Cummins, Jess Wilson, St Lukes London.


A COY! Communications Production

In Association with Thomas Thomas Films

Thanks to Philippa Thomas and Trent Simpson

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