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My online ‘inspirational’ talks seem to be going down very, very, very, very, very well. And because they’re online it means I don’t have to be whisked off in a stretched limo to a packed auditorium - I don’t even have to dress up; comb my hair or anything! That makes them VERY cost effective (cheaper). But I’m sure that’s not the main reason why they’re going down so well.  I’m getting a lot of feedback telling me that my talk was the kick-up-the-arse that was needed, to get many forgotten creative projects started again. Just last week I delivered ‘the talk’ to Iris London and Gloucestershire University, and next week I’ve got one booked for the & Partnership. I’ve attached a video clip of the pre-amble to a talk I did last year, for the Festival of Creativity at Kinsale…

Yes, I KNOW that it’s not a recording of an online talk, but the one I do via Zoom is tonally very similar (insofar as it’s not too ‘sensible’). The main difference is, that online I’ll be delivering my amazing inspirational tales from a seated position, wearing an un-ironed T-shirt, while speaking through a two-day growth of banana-bread-infused stubble. Of course the talks aren’t just for creatives, or even just for Ad Agencies. Back when we were all allowed out, I was invited to talk at design companies like Superunion and Pearl Fisher and broadcast companies like Sky, Channel 4 and the BBC…also at D&AD, Promax, Time-Warner, Advertising Week Europe, etc, etc, etc (the list goes on)…. Anyway, if you’re interested in an inspirational lock-down talk at a knock-down price (very useful in these straightened times) then email Juan ( and he’ll give you all the details. I don’t blame you if you want to wait until after the lockdown, because I want to meet you in person too, but either way I hope to see you very soon. Mark Denton Esq.

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