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2022 was a milestone year for me. I hit 65.

Yeh! 65 years old!

According to H.M. Government that’s officially time to retire.

And fate was certainly nudging me in that direction, given that immediately after the big lockdown it felt like everyone in Adland had lost my phone number.

My first thought was that maybe it was just the circle of life and I might as well just put up with it.

After all, what would be the use of moaning? It would be like Thomas Chippendale getting the hump with IKEA…what a waste of energy!

But I wasn’t ready to throw the towel in, certainly not from advertising, the job that I’d loved for so, very, very, very, long (46 years since you ask).

That’s why a year ago I embarked on a relatively unusual experiment and volunteered to be an intern.


You see, I had so many questions I needed to be answered about how the industry works now.

The most important being -

“Has an old git like me still got anything of value to offer?”

After a heartfelt plea on social media, I was lucky enough to find myself at St Luke’s, one of the London’s most famous independent agencies.

They made me really welcome AND they made sure I was busy too, pitching, writing scripts, doing meetings and all the usual stuff.

I learned a lot about the new way of working, like the importance of decks f’instance - and I’m not talking about the big flat bit at the top of a ship!

Plus - I found it’s very hard to log into a zoom call via a layout pad.

Unfortunately I forgot almost as much as I learned so…

This year I’ve had a brilliant NEW idea to both further my education and continue to revitalise my floundering career.

Wait for it…you’re going to like this…


It’s a bit different this time, the internship is at a big famous network agency with offices all over the world.


For 'veteran' read 'old git'...

It started with a quick social media conversation with Grey’s CCO Laura (Jordan-Bambach) and a few months later here I am once again, London’s keenest/oldest beginner.

And as before, I’ve made a little teaser to mark the event with my mate, the fabulous film-maker JONNIE MALACHI.

Our previous effort ‘THE 65 YEAR OLD INTERN’ generated a lot of interest with a sizeable online audience but was never more than a trailer.

So this time Jonnie (with the help of some heavyweight talent) has proposed that we produce something a little chunkier.

The finished film will be a mini-documentary that not only expands on my experiences in a ‘modern’ agency but will also have some interesting observations about the ad-industry and how much it has changed over the years.

I genuinely can’t wait to get stuck into the creative briefs.

I also can’t wait to see Jonnie in action interviewing some of advertising’s big hitters both past and present.

One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a fun-filled voyage of discovery for me (that’s one of the many benefits of being ignorant)

Anyway, stay tuned and find out how I made a fool of myself with the coffee machine on my first day.

Gawd knows what’s going to happen next…EXCITING isn’t it!

Mark D Esq.

Did we mention that Jonnie was the DOP and the Sound bloke too?


Director - Jonnie Malachi

Starring - Mark Denton Esq.

Cinematographer - Jonnie Malachi

Camera Assistant - Amanda Wass

Offline Producers - Charlie Dalton & Lola Cookman

Editor - Matt Prickett

Sound - George Castle & James Benn

Grade - Tim Smith

Exec. Producer - Colour - Charlie Morris

Online Producer - Ellie Thwaites

Graphic Design - Mark Denton & Kate Henderson

Mel Hughes - Mr. Sexy Voice

Offline - Work

Online - No.8

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