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Just over a decade ago I had the pleasure of working on a terrific project with my old mate Dave Dye.

Together we designed and produced the 2008 Creative Circle Annual.

Being the only all British Advertising Annual, that year it was inspired by a much loved British institution, the Beano Annual.

I won’t go into too much detail about it right now because it will spoil the plot of my book where it has a whole chapter dedicated to it.

But I will point out that it wasn’t just an annual, it was an enormous collection of printed collateral as well, including posters, certificates, programmes, menu, membership cards, invite, dvd’s etc, etc etc.

Anyway, here’s the book update bit…

It seemed daft to just plonk images from the project into the book, it didn’t seem to do it justice.

So after meeting the terrific young actor Oscar Wallwork on a commercial shoot last year I thought he would make a smashing model to show off our annual in true Beano ‘style’.

It felt right to have the book being read by a cheeky kid who looked every bit as cartoony as the illustrations inside.

Plus, I never shirk from an opportunity to get some vintage wallpaper out of the lock-up.

Here’s a few images from our recent shoot that haven’t all been edited yet but I’m happy to say that I’m well pleased with these ones so far.

Many thanks to COY! Communication’s photographer Joe Giacomet and of course to Oscar and his mum Claire.

More book updates to follow as we continue to slap meat on the bones (in an artistic fashion of course).

Keep smiling.

M. Denton Esq.

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