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It feels like only last month that we were producing a smashing, photographically led, massive OOH (that’s posters in old money) campaign for Dave Dye’s exciting new agency ‘LOVE or FEAR’.

That’s probably because it WAS only last month!

And once again Dave has entrusted our very own KEVIN MALLETT to deliver the required, suitably sophisticated photography.

This time the adverts are for ‘LUCKY SAINT’ (low alcohol beer) and almost as soon as the posters were slapped onto the billboards Campaign magazine proclaimed the whole campaign ‘AD OF THE WEEK’.

I don’t need to explain the idea, I’ll let the posters speak for themselves (I’ve often been a bit puzzled when on poster juries where the agency supplies a film to explain the concept…maybe that’s just me?)

I hope you’ll agree, that all in all, it’s another right, royal result from the Dining room table/Studio round at Kevin’s house.

So that’s two lovely campaigns put to bed during lock-down

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping there’s going to be a third one to get our teeth into shortly…I’m feeling LUCKY!

Mark Denton Esq.


Client - Lucky Saint.

Agency - Love or Fear.

ECD - Dave Dye

Creative - Dave Dye

Photography - Kevin Mallett.

Image Manipulation - Suren Pithwa.

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