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OOH…that’s what they call posters nowadays.

It’s short for ‘Out of Home’ (I know that you know that already).

AND it includes adverts on mobile phones and the like. The best of which are (imho) like little posters in their own right. Y’know - simple, grabby, easy to understand in a millisecond.

Anyway, 2020 might have been shit in many ways but we’ve had a bumper year playing with posters.

Just this week I’ve been informed that the ‘Lucky Saint’ campaign that our very own Kevin Mallett shot for Dave Dye’s agency ‘Love or Fear’ has been voted number 4 in Campaign’s top ten posters of the year.


It’s also got a mention in the round-up of the best posters of 2020 by ‘Behind the Billboard’.


Earlier in the year we got some really great press for our PLUTO campaign, again for our mate Dave Dye, only this time with yours truly joining him as part of the creative team.

Not forgetting our ‘Funny Footballer’ themed fly-sheet campaign shot by and featuring Joe ‘Baqov de Nette’ Giacomet.

We’ve got some exciting news coming soon about our Footballers, they’re going to be the stars in a big international event…more details as they happen…

And guess what? - We’re shooting again next week…and it’s another poster campaign!

We can’t tell you what yet as it’s a secret BUT we’re pretty certain that Bill Stickers will heartily approve.

Mark D. Esq.

Thanks to - Dave Dye, Love or Fear, Posterscope. Photographers - Kevin Mallett & Joe Giacomet.

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