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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Me worried?

I was a bit worried.

I was worried that no-one would turn up.

I was worried that if people turned up they wouldn’t like it.

And I was definitely worried that I wouldn’t sell a single masterpiece.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to fret after all.

The opening night of my recent artistic enterprise ‘The Shit Show’ was a right royal result.

There were so many revelling art lovers in attendance that they spilled out on to the pavement.

And they not only loved (and giggled at) the show, they showed their appreciation by securing loads of art.

Who would have guessed eh?

Looking back, I s’pose there were a few clues that we might have a success on our hands, when ‘The Joy of Sets’ (that’s Jess Linares and Alex Grant-Said) were installing the show.

Mark and 'The Joy of Sets' Tartan paint (XL)

Cool W.I.P.

They said that they wished they’d had a recording device so they could have captured some of the many compliments they’d received while the finishing touches were being applied to the exhibition.

Apparently there was one lovely French lady who happened to be passing the gallery but was so intrigued by the look of things that she just had to express her feelings.

“Thank you for making this!!! Who is the artist??!!! This is f**king amazzzing!” She was so taken aback she strode into the gallery still puffing on her fragrant French fag.

Nice turn-out

'The Teetering Tower of Titter'

I can’t blame her really, Jess and Alex had done a brilliant job of transforming the gallery into a super-saturated, creative rubbish tip.

Not only that, the walls were hand painted to look like blown up versions of my colourful scribbles.

Add to that, a spinning cockney coronet and a flashing “mature mod’ Zimmer frame teetering on top of a tower of artistic litter and you might begin to get the full potty picture.

It was the perfect setting for my hand painted and screen printed brain dump (or art, as some people have called it).

Art...Art...more Art

'The Meeting' - the best seller of the show (so far...)

And the great thing (for me) is that it’s not (quite) over yet.

‘The Shit Show’ continues to run at the Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch until 26th February

Please pop down for a gander, especially now you know it’s not shit.

Mark Denton Esq.


Artist: Mark Denton Esq.

Gallery Installation: Jessica Linares & Alex Grant-Said (The Joy of Sets) - @thejoyofsetsofficial

Head of Design & Production: Kate Henderson

Creative Assistant: Saskia Laroque Rothstein Longaretti

Princess of the purse strings: Anna Longaretti

Eternal thanks to: The Jealous Gallery -

Public Relations: Lorette Nettar

Generously sponsored by: St Luke's London -

Produced by: COY! Communications Ltd

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