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It’s official!

The snowball is in transit.

That is, our ‘Funny Footy’ project is currently HEAVILY featured in the January issue of Germany’s favourite soccer mag ‘ 11 Freunde’.

Like with most of our projects there was no master-plan in place, just an overwhelming desire to turn my stupid scribbles into reality (thanks Joe ‘Baqov de Nette’ Giacomet).

And as usual, after a short time, lovely magical happenstances have started to occur (like appearing in Germany’s favourite soccer mag f’instance).

On top of that, we’ve also had a request for our silly soccer stars to be exhibited in Berlin at Euro 2021 (pandemic allowing obvs).

Of course we haven’t got a clue where the snowball is headed next but it’s definitely gathering some pace!

Mark D. Esq.


Concept & Art Direction: Mark Denton Esq.

Photography: Joe Giacomet

Producer: Juan Coello Hollebecq

Design: Mark Denton Esq., Kate Henderson, Tivy Davies.

Hair Design: Anna Longaretti.

Make-up Artist: Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti.

Wardrobe: Sabina Piccini.

Additional sensationally silly Footballer and Soccer Club names courtesy of: Mickey Brooks, Adam Denton, Jerry 'Seymore' Gallaher, Andy Mac, Ruan Milborrow, Mark Prime and Graham Pugh.

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