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2018… DID DO, DIDN’T DO!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

What happened to last year? Where did it go?

It seemed like I’d only just got into second gear and it was all over.

Of course I striped myself up a bit by publicly opening my big trap on Facebook and crowing about of all of the things I was going to be doing throughout the year.

Books, films, theatre projects…I was going to do it all, and all while holding down my day job and everything.

Things didn’t quite go to plan tho’.

That’s because a load of other stuff took me by surprise and happened instead.

I’ve got to say it was mainly lots of very NICE things, it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Still, here we are at the start of 2019 with the same to do list I had in January 2018.

I’ll have a bloody good go at crossing a few things off this year but based on last years performance I ain’t guaranteeing nuffink.

I’m definitely up for some more pleasant surprises tho’… I think I’ll add that that to the list.

Mark Denton Esq.


  • Publish a book (I didn’t even read one).

  • Publish a magazine (bought a lot tho’).

  • Write a musical (started, not finished).

  • Direct a film.

  • Launch a fashion label.

  • Produce a set of funny footy cards (I’m working on it).

  • Celebrate COY!’s 10th ANNIVERSARY (it’ll have to be an 11th Birthday party).

  • Painting, sculpting or ANY art that didn’t involve Magic Markers.

  • Exercise much (unless you count pacing around anxiously wringing your hands).


  • Shoot quite a few adverts (thanks to all the lovely people who sent me scripts).

  • Over a dozen talks to over 2000 people (the biggest one was Promax in Rome and the bestest one was at Kinsale in Ireland).

  • Grace the cover of the last printed issue of SHOTS magazine (covered in bird shit).

  • Get some ‘ART’ into the ROYAL ACADEMY (yes, that surprised me too!).

  • See a well known celebrity buy my ‘ART’ on the BBC (I can’t mention her name but it rhymes with Verona Chafe).

  • Secure backing for a KICKSTARTER for the book I haven’t published (yet).

  • Get a set of comedy soccer badges woven (I love doing that sort of stuff).

  • See my MISSUS’ PLAY performed in Stratford upon Avon.

  • Put on a PEXHIBITION (yes, you read it right, PEXHIBITION).

  • Have the trousers let out on all of my old suits.

A right royal result at the RA

The missus at Stratford upon Avon (that's not bard!)

The stage at PROMAX (FYI, there were more people there on the day)


SHOTS - I was sat on from a great height.

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