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BLIMEY! (or JEEPERS!… as they say in the USA)

A funny thing happened last week… my BOOK started selling like hot English Muffins in America.

Yes, the United States of America!

Sales got so lively at one point that we were having fun in the COY! office, betting on which State the next order would come from.

I’ve even bought a big map of the US so I can amuse myself by sticking little flags in it every time a book wings its way across the Atlantic.

Now I’ve always assumed that my work was a little bit too Brit-ish, that's why I haven’t been that active over there, but now I’m even thinking of getting a US rep (any suggestions gratefully received btw).

All of the exciting activity was definitely triggered off by a lovely blog-post by the brilliant writer George Tannenbaum on his world-famous blog Ad-Aged. Probably as a result of him listening to Dave Dye’s Unleash the Power of Puerility podcast.

So it’s official - the internet IS good after all.

Thanks a zillion George, hopefully, I’ll see you in NYC in the very near future when I’m over there doing a talk or attending a pre-production meeting.

And of course, I’ll treat you to the bagel and beverage of your choosing.


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