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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Guess what? I’ve recently drawn my first 9x16 storyboard (that’s like a TV screen on its side).

Yes, I know that I’m a bit late to the party but it’s the first time I’ve ever been asked to direct a campaign solely intended to run on mobile phones.

Like my first attempt at sexual relations, it felt a bit awkward to start off with but after a bit I found that I really, really liked it... a lot!

And what made the experience even better was that the storyboards (actually there were six in total) I ended up shooting we’re exactly the same as the ones I drew for my original treatment. (YES!… nothing changed!).

The lovely job in question was for IKEA written by the smashing creative team, Marcelo and Georgina, at MOTHER.

Being an online campaign there wasn’t a huge budget on it so I decided to approach the job like a ‘moving’ stills job.

That meant we could do without the normal expensive circus required to shoot a conventional bunch of commercials.

And that’s why I got COY! photographer Joe Giacomet on board as soon as I could. We put our heads together and devised a bunch of gifs and cinemagraphs to bring the spots to life.

I won’t go into the plot too much, just have a gander yourself.

They’re very simple, graphic and colourful and we all had a lot of creative fun on the shoot.

I hope that comes across in the finished executions.

Oh, there was another bonus too. My Missus got to be the star in one of them alongside the biggest dog in the country! (That’s what his trainer told us anyway).

The post-production was an equally joyful experience with Matthew Prickett of Cut+Run editing on set as we shot.

Sam Robson at 750mph sorted a brilliant soundtrack and Unit supplied the final post-production icing on the cake.

So thanks again to all at MOTHER for dragging me into the 21st Century

Mobile phones… they’re good, aren’t they!

M. Denton Esq.


Agency: Mother

Creative Directors: Thom Whittaker & Dani Outhwaite-Noel

Creatives: Marcelo Duarte & Georgina Brisby

Agency Producer: Nic Akinnibosun

Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films

Director: Mark Denton Esq.

Producer: Debbie Carmichael

DoP: Joe Giacomet

Production Design: Steve Smithwick

Wardrobe Design: Spencer Horne & Craig Sheppard @Handsome Folk

Hair Design: Anna Longaretti

Make-up Artist: Louise Constad

Editor: Matthew Prickett @ Cut+Run

VFX: Rob Ellis @ Unit

Colourist: Denny Cooper @ Unit Sound Design: Sam Robson @ 750mph

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