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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Sometimes you’ve got to take a punt, stick your neck out, have a go.

That’s why I like getting involved in pitches. There are no guarantees but if the wind is blowing in the right direction then there’s always the possibility of a right royal result.

So obviously I was delighted when I got a call about a year ago from Dave Henderson at Atomic asking if we could help them with a pitch.

And when he showed me the concept I absolutely knew I couldn’t refuse.

The pitch was for ‘Jaffa Cake Nibbles’ and the idea was as smashing as it was simple.

It involved a pre-roll and poster campaign that featured a collection of lovely, quirky people with giant front gnashers, each one holding a bag of the product. Accompanying the funny picture was the two-word line ‘Commence Nibbling’.

What was there not to like?

Fortunately, our ace photographer Joe Giacomet agreed with me and so we rolled our collective sleeves up and waded in.

Knowing there wasn’t a lot in the way of budget I became the wardrobe person, model maker, and casting director.

And thanks to the local charity and hardware shops, I managed to get our chosen cast togged and fitted up with oversize incisors.

It was probably one of the most enjoyable shoots I’d been involved in for ages and creatively we wouldn’t have done anything much differently, even if it had been a proper job.

Did it help win the business? In a word... NO!

Yes, I am a little bit biased but I’m still well pleased with the fruits of our labours. Then again, I'm fully aware that a lot of the most creative solutions don't always see the light of day (remember Boaty McBoatface?)

So even tho' we came second in this particular contest, I'm definitely glad we had a nibble.

M. Denton Esq.


Agency: Atomic

Creative Director: Dave Henderson

Art Director: Mark Denton Esq.

Photographer/DoP: Joe Giacomet

Producer: Juan Coello Hollebecq

Hair and Make-up: Anna Longaretti

Costume: Mark Denton Esq. (with the help of Kate Henderson).

Editor: Matthew Pricket at Cut + Run

Colourist: Henry Howard at Jogger VFX: Davide Pascolo at Jogger

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