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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

My book (‘Unleash the Power of Puerility’, since you ask) MUST be nearly finished. The evidence is in the empty chair in the COY! office, where Tivy used to sit.

You see we drafted in Teifina (Tivy) Jones to help design the book and now it’s at the printers awaiting despatch to over 300 very, very, very, very, very, patient Kickstarter sponsors.

It was a big job and I knew that it called for the kind of help that I could only get from the finest Welsh lady typographer available.

But of course no one can linger too long in the COY! Office without being dressed up and dragged in front of a camera.

So a big thank you to Joe Giacomet who who lent his skills to the proceedings in bringing my daft idea to life.

Traditional Welsh hats look like upside down ‘T’s (to me), Tivy is a Welsh typographer and a ’T’ is a letter…it all seemed a bit obvious really.

Anyway, Joe suggested that we shot A Tintype photograph (or melainotype or ferrotype to the cognecenti) to properly dramatise the traditional costume/look.

With that in mind we enrolled an expert with Tintypes to help us in the form of the very clever Emma Brown.

It was a fun shoot, with Tivy having to sit still for ages because of the long exposures required.

No one really knew what to expect until the process was complete.

But despite all that, we got a smashing result (IMHO). So good that I felt compelled to turn it into a COY! Poster.

Small admission, she’s not really from that place with the long name but she is proper Welsh and she is a very terrific typographer.

See you on the next project Tivy!

M.Denton Esq.


Photographer - Joe Giacomet

Tintype - Emma Brown

Concept - Mark Denton Esq.

Producer - Juan Coello Hollebecq

Wardrobe - Emily Wilson

Hair and Make-up - Anna Longaretti

Wooden type courtesy of Robbie Sparks

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