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He’s not permanent mind, we just booked him for the day to assist us on our recent ‘funny footballer’ stills shoot with ace COY! Photographer Joe Giacomet.

Kieran probably thought he was going to do a bit of heavy lifting, make a few gallons of tea, run out to get our lunch… you know… runner stuff.

But it doesn’t work like that 'round here. Before you know it we’ve got him in the make-up chair and having a face full of acne being administered by Miss Saskia Longaretti, our fizzog aficionado (make-up artist).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he’s now the star striker for Asia’s leading soccer team Peking Blinders.

We don’t want to spoil the plot and tell you too much about the project but take it from us, we think we’ve got a result.

M. Denton Esq.

PS. While we were at it Joe shot Kieran for a subtle little idea to promote my book. BONUS!

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