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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, to all of the lovely patient people waiting for my book to thud onto their doormats (it’s called ‘Unleash the Power of Puerility’ to those of you that’ve forgotten after all this time).

It was promised by the end of April and it hasn’t even made it to the printers yet.

As I mentioned recently one of the (many) reasons it’s a tad late is due to me adding extra stuff, including a completely unplanned chapter.


The chapter in question is called ‘WHY WHISPER WHEN YOU CAN SHOUT!’ and it’s all about the ‘news headline’ style posters that I send out every time I happen to create something that needs a little bit of shouting about.

It would have been bloody easy to show off all of the different posters as bits of flat artwork but I very wisely thought they should be photographed as nature intended on news vendor’s A-boards.

And seeing as I was going to put them on A-boards then in turn they might as well be custom sprayed with gold chromed grilles and then embellished with hand painted and gilded signwriting…

Again, sorry about that, it wasn’t me. The Devil made me do it.

M Denton Esq.


Photography - Jonnie 'Malarkey' Malachi.

Ace Sign Painter - Mark Josling courtesy of Sam Roberts at Better Letters.

Sprayed/Gold-chromed A-Boards by The Joy of Sets.

Patience-trying Author - Mark Denton Esq.

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