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I received an email the other day from a keen Art Lover.

The lovely lady in question wanted to know when and if there was going to be another limited release of our celebrated ‘Chinese Girl from Croydon - ‘Rollers’ print (don’t worry fans there is and it’s imminent).

It just so happened that during the email exchange she fell in love with the image of our COY! Mascot ‘Modesty’.

I’d never really thought about releasing her as an art print before but with that little display of enthusiasm from a stranger I felt compelled to make it happen.

So ‘Modesty’ is now available as a signed limited edition Giclee print, sold exclusively at the Jealous Gallery.

It’s already getting quite a lot of interest, so much so that with the help of COY! collaborator Oli Carver I’ve produced another version - ‘Big-headed Modesty in Yellow’.

It’s lovely to see our little girl finally taking the spotlight after ten years of patiently sitting on our stationary.

M. Denton Esq.

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