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No, I agree, not an obvious threesome.

But Rolling Stone Magazine have chosen to lump us together so who am I to argue.

Yes, I did say 'Rolling Stone Magazine' or the French issue of said publication to be precise.

I'd been interviewed by one of their journalist, Clémence Duranton, after I came off the stage from delivering my 'Power of Puerility' talk at the Kinsale Shark Awards last September.

I've actually just got the actual magazine thru the post along with the resulting article.

I'd seen an image online but there's nothing like getting your hands on the real thing (I still prefer ink on paper to anything on a screen, fyi).

And there I am, on the page next to Clint Eastwood under the heading Rock & Roll.

Now, my Dad's french is about as good as mine (non-existent) so he might not know what the article says but that won't stop him having fun showing the magazine to all his neighbours.

Tres fantastique!

M. Denton Esq.

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