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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

And it’s been there for a bloody long time (and NO its not my ‘tache either!)

Surprisingly, its my lovely daughter, Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti.

She’s been right there under my hooter for the last 25 years.

Just being there, and being funny, and acting in my commercials, and making sets for me, and painting my friends blue, and copywriting, playing with plasticine, and doing voiceovers, and puppeteering, and animating, and generally ff-ing about and having a laugh.

She can pull even more faces now that she's 'matured'

When Sass starred in the Blink idents, she was only sweet sixteen

She's not too shy, on either side of the camera

...and she's pretty handy with the make-up brush too

Potato lettering, TICK! Rubbish model making, TICK! Silver-foil trophy, TICK!

...even her costumes are rubbish!

Sass has been in my adverts since she was 8 years old! (BTW, she's slightly older in this one)

So I finally came to the conclusion that I should ask her to team up with me.

Which means… we’re now a directing duo!!! AND a proper creative team!!!

Sass will be doing the copywriting, and I’ll be doing the art-directing.

(And, on the side, we’re embarking on an artistic printing project as well as writing and designing a short film. Why not?)

Things probably won’t feel a lot different, apart from Sass stepping into the spotlight… I think it’s probably her turn now.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we’re called 'Dinosaur Wet Ears' - you buy one of us and you get the other one for free (we did consider calling ourselves the B.O.G.O.F.’s - we didn’t like it though).

There were so many great name suggestions that there was only one fair way to select a winner!



D&AD - Inflatable Pants

Photographer: Charlie Crane

Wardrobe: Handsome Folk


Director: M Denton Esq.

DOP: Mark Emberton


Photographer: Joe Giacomet

Hair by Anna

Wardrobe: Sabina Piccini


Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti

Photographers: Joe Giacomet, Jonnie Malachi & Fern Berresford

Wardrobe: Sabina Piccini


Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti


Wardrobe & Make-Up: Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti

Many thanks for all the fabulous suggestions for our new name on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (except for: 'Lockyzee', 'Slap Head & Lanky Mystique', 'Advertigo', 'Opposites Attract', 'Denton Scratch', 'The Two Ronnies', 'Patella Bombus' and 'Three Bags Full' - they were crap).

Adam Collins, Adam Rimmer, Adam Staples, Al Young, Alan Haverty, Alex Bamford, Alexander Cox, Alistair Mills, Anders Plyhm, Andrea Harding, Andy Cronk, Andy Mac, Andy Victor Smith, Anna Denton-Longaretti, Anna Sexton, Antoinette de Lisser, Aoife O’Leary, Bernie Roux, Brett James, Bryn Walters, Carl Geraghty, Carly Lindon-Forrester, Cathy Heng, Charlie Wilson, Chris Bretz, Chris Kelly, Chris Turner, Christian Jaquest, Christopher Baker, Ciaran Watkins,

Claire Taylor, Claire Toeman, Colin Lamberton, Damon Hutson-Flynn, Dan Nathan, Daniel Jones, Dara Lorentzson, Darlene Cipriani, Darren Simpson, Dave Cooper, Dave Holmes, Dave Sullivan, Dave Williams, David Chiverton-Bulstrode, David Smaruj, Dean Shein, Debbie Carmichael, Dick Sweeney, Dominic Martin, Eugene Fotherington-Ruane, Fee Eastwood, Gareth Howells, Gary Carless, George Shepherd, George Tannenbaum, Gethin Stout, Graham Jenks, Graham Pugh, Graham Wood, Gregg Harper, Guy Manwaring, Hamish Pringle, Hayden Rogers, Iain Cooper, Ian Luxford, Jason Stone, Jeneal Rohrback, Jim K Davies, Jimbo Downie, Joe Giacomet, Joe Wilby, Joel N Bradley, John Carver, John Cook, John Martin, John McCabe, John Woods, Jon Sharp, Jordan Evans, Julian Tintinger, Julie Adams, Karen Featonby, Karl Sedgewick, Katy Egan, Kevin Ferry, Kevin Mallett, Kevin W., Khalid Latif, Larry Franklin, Lee Hanson, Lee Spall, Lisa Batty,Lisl MacDonald, Liz Stranger, Louise Sloper, Luke Beauchamp, Lyn & Ted Rockey, Lyn Snudden, Lynda Kennedy, Marine van der Vlugt, Marisa Longaretti Catilli Mansfield, Mark Carolan, Mark Emberton, Mark Prime, Mark Reddick, Martin Brent, Martin Lovegrove, Matt Francis, Mickey Brooks, Mike Newcombe, Nancy Prentice, Neale French, Neil Lancaster, Nick O'Bryan-Tear, Nicky Flemming, Nirpal Bansel, Oisin Hurst, Ollie Mills, Osagie Samuel, Pam Vick, Paul ‘Nobby’ Davies, Paul Burke, Paul Dawes, Paul Fellowes, Paul Matheson, Paul Miles, Paul Sinclair, Peter Bowyer, Peter Harold, Peter James Andrews, Phil Bedford, Rebecca Morgan, Ric Hawkes, Richand Gibbs, Rob Coolen, Rob Steeles, Robert Bray, Robin Smith, Ronnie Wishart, Rowland Davies, Roy Hyndman, Ruan Milborrow, Russell Weaver, Sam Burchell, Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti, Sean Boyle, Sean Doyle, Seb Hedgecoe, Senad Hadzi, Simon Amster, Simon Bullett, Simon Labbett, Spencer Buck, Stephen Reid, Steve Clarke, Steve Nicholls, Steve Spence, Stuart Duff, Stuart Wilson, Terence Bly, Tess Alps, Tim Ashton, Toby Aldridge, Tom Jones, Tommy O’Connor, Tony Hardcastle, Tony Kaye, Vanessa B. Dewey

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